The “Interest in a mobile application” campaigns on Google AdWords

Thanks to “Interest in a mobile application” campaigns, you can now encourage Internet users who already own your application to return to it in order to interact with it.

The advantage of this type of campaign is that from now on, you can target your current customers (because they already have your application) in order to get them to come back to your application.
This is to encourage them to have more interaction with the latter or to introduce them to a new feature or promotions of the moment.

How do you do that, you might say? Well, thanks to the “deep bonds”.

Google AdWords Mobile App Campaign and your friends, deep links.

Indeed, when you create your “Interest in a mobile application” campaign, you can add ads with deep links.
These links allow you to send Internet users directly to parts of your application that you have chosen (and not on the home screen) in order to encourage them to take a specific action.

For example, you can bring your application users directly to the new functionality you have just developed, to the current Events / Promotions or to the new range of clothing you have just added to your store.

For example, if you are looking for information about Rafael Nadal and Wikipedia has campaigned for his application. You will have with the result a button to access the application. If you click on the Wikipedia ad, you will not find the home page of the Wikipedia application but directly on the page about tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Another example with EA Game that wanted to highlight available and free packages in its FIFA 2015 application
, if you click on an ad, the FIFA application will open directly on the part where the packages are available.

How to create a “Interest in a mobile application” campaign on Google AdWords?

To create a campaign on Google AdWords for your application, simply:

  1. Create a campaign on the search network only
  2. In the functionalities, choose “Interest for a mobile application”
  3. Adjust your targeting and bidding as any other campaign
  4. Create your ad group
  5. Create your ad with the deep link you want to highlight
  6. Select the keywords on which you want to be positioned

Is your “Interest in a mobile application” campaign on Google AdWords with your deep link ready?

Why should you develop a mobile application?

The development of mobile applications allows any person, company or organization to significantly increase their visibility with their target audience worldwide. On the other hand, the mobile application conveys a modern, dynamic and innovative image.

Mobile applications are also an excellent way to facilitate communication by bringing together all the useful information on a single platform known to all.

The creation of mobile applications also makes it possible to create a privileged relationship with the user by interacting directly with him/her through his/her smartphone. This new personalized relationship strengthens the bond and undeniably establishes a relationship of trust.